About These Notes

What is one common process that all of us experience in our day-to-day collaborations? We mediate the unknown. We learn ways to dive in and come out relatively unscathed. The unknown is the zone where we discover new things, the vibrant and chaotic place we like to label innovation, the wild beast we can brand, identify with and yet still be unsure about, that puzzle that we must solve. When we collaborate on building projects together, we learn how to tandem skydive. Together, learn to compromise with other personalities, we search and discover alignment and realize its value, we scope poorly but learn to manage the design process, we brainstorm, map, plan, make mistakes and deal with external clients.The words contained in this blog are meant to spark your own ideas around collaboration and like I have discovered, uncover realities not yet thought about, situations not yet anticipated and variables not as yet understood.




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